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Freight Lane Solutions LLC was founded by two experienced transportation professionals. Their very different backgrounds in transportation have combined to make a unique third party logistics company that places value on both customers and carriers

Our Service Model

We believe that providing our customers with one point of contact for all facets of thier transportation needs  provides a continuity of service that makes working with us as easy as possible.


Our support departments and systems provide our Account Managers the tools they need to be a highly productive and competitive resource for you and your company.


Carrier Selection is the most important thing we do. Our carrier performance rating system automatically collects performance data on every load that we move. This allows us to make an informed decision everytime we assign a carrier to a load, always selecting the best available carrier for your freight. 


Within our TMS system we monitor up to the minute all carrier authority and insurance coverage, maintain customer, shipper and consignee information allowing us to provide industry leading service. Our check call system automatically sends updates while the shipments are on the road, allowing you to focus on your business and have piece of mind that your shipments are being tracked and handled in a professional and proactive manner. 

Customer Experience


Freight Lane’s logistics professionals strive to provide a service that feels like you are dealing with a colleague in the office down the hall. We focus on our clients’ needs so that they can focus on their core business.

All team members are available 24/7 for both our clients and carriers to assist in the successful delivery of every load contracted to Freight Lane.


Carrier Experience


The partnerships we maintain with our contracted carriers are vital to our business and the service we provide our customers. We handle our carrier interactions with integrity, forthright communication and understanding. In return we demand on time pick ups and deliveries, proactive communication and integrity from our nationwide network of carriers in every transaction.


Our People


Freight Lane seeks out highly motivated professionals who are passionate about their clients’ transportation needs. The unique needs of our transportation clients requires individuals with a heightened sense of urgency in every transaction. Our Team has over 16 years of transportation experience that we utilize everyday while servicing our customers’ transportation needs.

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