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Where is your Freight? Never wonder again with Freight Lane's Visibility.

Freight Lane understands the importance of shipment visibility to our customers and our customers' customer. 

We use a combination of technology and proven dispatching processes to maintain communication with the driver while your load is on the road. 

Through our dispatching process we obtain check calls at dispatching, arrival at shipper, loaded, while over the road twice daily, arrival at consignee and delivered. Over the years, this has provided us and our customers with great visibility. 

We understand that there are some situations where customers might require more visibility: for these situations we utilize Macropoint. This system gives us the ability to provide GPS tracking on any load regardless of whether or not the driver has the technology currently. Macropoint is available upon customer request.  

Automated Email Alerts 

These updates automatically go out every time we make contact with the carrier and obtain new information. You have this information at the same time we do, keeping you up to date on the status of your deliveries.

Multiple Shipment Updates

We know when you have multiple shipments on the road, you don't want to have to click through a bunch of these automated emails to find out where all of your freight is located. We will provide an overview update at the frequency you want to receive it.

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